in cooperation with BLESS / Omran is an Arab name and means „to experience“. Omran Chouly is the third of six children. He was conceived by cousins, as typical in Palestine. Omran lives in Berlin and hears voices. His psychic challenges due to a genetic desease enable him to something extraordinary. I do not understand it, but I know it, says CargoCult and looks at the values in a different light in order to experience the world in a new way.

 Wir trafen Omran während unserer Arbeit als Anleiterinnen in der Textilwerkstatt eines öffentlichen Trägers.

Omran war ein Teilnehmer der „Unter 25 jährigen“, ohne Ausbildung, ohne Arbeit, ohne Absicht, frei von Hoffnung.
Die außergewöhnliche Begabung seine überbordende Phantasie in Zeichnungen auszudrücken ist uns sofort aufgefallen.

Omran wurde von Stimmen ausserhalb unserer normalbegabten Vorstellungskraft  gehindert seine Arbeit in der Textilwerkstatt fort zu führen.
Die Stimmen lockten ihn weg von uns. In einem Wald von Neubauten an denen Satelittenschüsseln blühen,
an der Endstation des Aufzugs in der 4. Etage eines 6 stöckigen Trabanten nahmen wir seine Spur wieder auf.
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Bless, Omran und CargoCult erschufen die Babyjumper:

10-BABYOver the past year PIN–UP witnessed an unexpected baby boom among dear friends and contributors. We wanted to celebrate the abundance of newfound parental bliss but were unsure as to what would make for an appropriate gift. We decided to turn to Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag for advise. Founders of the Berlin-based cult label BLESS, the two designers are seasoned pros when it comes to motherhood. They’re also equipped with an astute sense of what makes parents and their infant offspring happy — sartorially speaking, that is. Their genius idea: a BLESS capsule collection of adorable pint-sized grey baby jumpers adorned with decorative quilting work based on drawings by Omran Chouly. Born in Pakistan and raised in Berlin, 23-year-old Omran is said to possess psychic powers that allow him to “see things that others do not see.” He then channels his visions into hauntingly beautiful drawings, which in turn are sown by hand onto the fluffy fleece fabric. Called Omran PinUpBabyBoom, the jumpers are part of BLESS’s ongoing N°46 series for which customers send in wish lists for specific products, whether it’s gloves, hats, shoes, or in PIN–UP’s case, babywear. For now only six unique tiny Omran tees exist in the world, but last we heard Heiss and Kaag are already busy collecting more drawings to prepare for future orders. Proceeds from the BLESS N°46 PinUpBabyBoom collection go to CargoCult.





Alex Stolze
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