a primark / walk with fashion

CargoCult seizes the power of modern, socio-political cults, investigates and deconstructs them, and reassembles them in a completely new philanthropic way.

Following this principle, CargoCult founds its own fashion label „A Lost Body“ and designs the seasonal collection 2017 with four other artists and the knowledge of a rabbit:



We make industrial products our own, examine them for their material value and symbolic content, dissect them into their individual parts and use them, like the skins of modern society, as a starting material for a new fashion.
This new fashion that we call HALOtextures of „A Lost Body“ is produced in our own evolving structures of a collective, then presented in the old public temple. HALOtextures can be worn by anybody of any age, gender.

To target this group as a consumerist group is impossible.
In their altered form HALOtextures do present dazzling coats, sewn together from skins of consumer society. They affect the posture of the wearer of this fashion and serve further as a model.

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