Since there is nothing like CargoCult, we have to explain


capitalizm and schizophrenia - a project space

Das Wesen einer Theorie

„Herzlich willkommen! Aloooha! Ich bin Nymphe, das jugendliche Stadium einer Wanze. Ich bin Ihre Begleiterin auf der Erkundung eines noch unbekannten Wesens."

Voodoo Waiting Room

Angela Merkel in London wearing a green dress

encapsulated ghosts

The team will reconstruct an evolution of the cap, or rather, what that may have looked like. Thus, the caps reference headdresses of other cultures and display global and historical relations.


ein Audioguide durch die Räume einer staatlichen Maßnahme

Pasture Girls

"The thinking pasture girl" is a group of artists from Central Anatolia.


Imagine 40 Arab woman dressing beautiful OFRIN from Israel for her song "sacks on our backs"

Brighten the Corner !

immateriality as a state after homelessness

Haroun and the Sea of Stories

“Peace broke out." In the end, all loved Rushdie for this novel.


turkish for very nice / a german serie


we insult you for a million dollar fortune !



in cooperation with BLESS / Omran is an Arab name and means „to experience“. Omran Chouly is the third of six children. He was conceived by cousins, as typical in Palestine. Omran lives in Berlin and hears voices. His psychic challenges due to a genetic desease enable him to something extraordinary. I do not understand it, but I know it, says CargoCult and looks at the values in a different light in order to experience the world in a new way.

maria and the glad tidings

"given to us, born for us, homeless and laid in a manger"- CargoCult makes up a hotel for Xmas

wild gestures

soft wilderness


our first exhibition with migrants

Menschen Tiere Sensationen

ein zirkus. kein direktor

Graphic Design, Identity

Alex Stolze

receives CargoCult´s consulting


Mehraufwandsentschädigung / job creation measures

Lichtung des Seins (clearing of existence)

Three Islands feat. by CargoCult